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Taurus Horoscope (love, money, health & career) is here! Venus governs the Taurus and Libra zodiac signs, and also the 2nd and the 7th house. . After this, it's going to be again quiet, until November-December.

Cat January 21 — February 17 Quick minded, and even quicker wit, the cat of the Celtic year packs a pounce in the realm of intellect. They have unorthodox vision, and should be called upon when fresh new perspectives are needed in a project. They also have a kind, humanitarian quality that makes them lovable. Although sometimes they can appear aloof because they like to be on the fringe, always observing. Nevertheless, they have the best intentions at heart. Cats are also very creative, and need an artistic outlet to express themselves.

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You might also want to read my page on symbolic cat meanings. Snakes are natural communicators, and they can be hugely persuasive.

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If they are passionate about a cause they can round up the whole neighborhood with their zeal and enthusiasm for their purpose. Snakes can be spontaneous and unpredictable too. You might also want to read my page on symbolic snake meanings. Fox March 18 — April 14 The fox sign is amazingly cunning and knows how to work a room with sly, sexy humor. Full of guile, vigor and bright intelligence the fox is an untamable force. This Celtic animal sign is the one to take with you on exotic vacations, they will wind your ways into amazing adventures. They have a knack for story telling, and every experience is fodder for their tales.

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Highly energetic and courageous, the fox has an indomitable spirit. You might also want to read my page on Symbolic Meaning of Fox here. These Celtic animal signs have bullseye intuition and can spot a liar from a mile away. They also come by stubborness honestly. These signs are as trustworthy as the day is long, and know how to keep a secret.

You might also want to read my page on Symbolic Meaning of the Bull here. Seahorse May 13 — June 9 The Celtic animal sign of seahorse is vastly flexible and resourceful. They also have amazing memory retention. They can also be changeable, but they always come back around to a level of high charisma. These people are astoundingly versatile and adapt remarkably well in any environment.

Seahorses are so loveable too. Even better, they love being adored, and easily reciprocate affection. You might also want to read my page on Symbolic Meanings of Seahorses here.

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Wren June 10 — July 7 The wren Celtic animal sign is associated with freshness, and opening to new insights, and sunnier dispositions. They are natural care givers and will sign sweet melodies to cheer their friends and family.

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They remain calm in the midst of stormy weather. You want to have these people with you if you find yourself in a crisis; they are resourceful and stay cool under pressure. Wrens are self-motivated they know how to get what they want and work best in solo situations. They are also have a high sense of responsibility and moral integrity.

They seek balance in their lives by being leaders at work on in the community, but secretly they would rather be traveling abroad living a life of a gypsy this however, is often against their better judgment. You might also want to read my page on Symbolic Meanings of the Wren here.

Horse July 8 — August 4 Exuberant, expansive and powerful, the Celtic animal sign of the horse will give you a run for your money. Naturally competitive, and rightfully so. They have a sixth sense when it comes to strategy and navigation these signs have an uncanny internal compass. They are gregarious, and openly charming even flirty. They make grand appearances, and know how to carry themselves with style and authority. They do well in leadership positions, but they are just as happy to be the helpers of the clan as long as they are given adequate recognition for their talents and contributions.

Potentially headstrong, they are also valiant in times of adversity. You might also want to read my page on Symbolic Horse Meanings here. You might also want to read my page on Symbolic Fish Meanings here. Swan September 2 — September 29 Spiritually evolved, and eloquent in expressing themselves, the swan swims in a class of their own. They have high standards, infinitely discriminating tastes and they have a keen eye for beauty even when others cannot see it.

Very refined and noble, sometimes the swan is mistaken as detached. This however, is not the case. The swan is a lover, and can prove to be quite passionate in relationships. They can be exacting in details, and have specific ideas about how things should be done. You might also want to read my page on Swan Meaning and Symbolism here.

They love to dream, express new ideas and talk about high- falutin plans with all their friends.

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These are the people who brighten up any dark day with their cheer and magnetically bright personalities. They are naturally empathetic, and would never intentionally harm anyone. Rather, they make easy friends, and like to see others uplifted. Butterflies bring a sense of wonder and youth to our world. Keep these people around you to remind you of how truly good life can be.

You might also want to read my page on Symbolic Meaning of Butterfly here. This Celtic animal sign is fearless, brave and they rarely compromise. They will not back down, and they will take no quarter. Others marvel at their inner fortitude. Where do they find the energy and wherewithal to keep going?

Nevertheless, you always know where you stand with them, and they will unite with you as long as you share their cause. You might also want to read my page on Wolf Symbols and Wolf Meanings here. When these signs see something they want, they go after it with a force that is remarkable. They care deeply for wisdom, and often focus on sharing that knowledge with others. They can be very philanthropic and generous. They are open minded and philosophical. That is not to say they cannot be persuaded.

You might also want to read my page on Falcon Meaning here. Though they are somewhat sensitive, they can start over many times and will always be okay. They realize that life is a journey and they treasure each experience that gets them closer to what they want.

Giraffes enjoy people and usually have many friends, yet they can seclude themselves for long periods of time while focusing on other goals. Giraffes are at their best when they are care-free, but this is fairly rare. They tend to over-analyze relationships and have a bad habit of giving too much unsolicited advice.

They can seem pushy to sensitive types, but they are genuinely just trying to help. Giraffes may have a hard time in long-term relationships.

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If a long-term partner is going to last with this sign, it will have to be someone who either wants to adventure with the Giraffe, or someone who is okay staying home and taking care of things while the Giraffe comes and goes on their journey. Their adventure could be as simple as going to work everyday to tackle some great feat before they return to their families. The bigger the project, the more interest they have in it. Mundane or routine tasks tend to bore them, though they typically like to keep things neat and tidy.

Giraffes are deeply passionate, hard-working, and love to immerse themselves in a project, talent, or skill. They do well with technology and research, or as an aide or assistant preferably on a big important project. Giraffes enjoy nice things, but money is not their greatest motivator.

They require mental stimulation and a sense of forward progress. Most of all, though, they need to be interested in what they do. This means each member of this sign will have to follow his or her own intuition to find the perfect career.